Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Hint of Halloween Hoopla

Ah, yes...once again I'm late to the party.
Nothing new here.

I added a few Halloween touches to the fall living room.
I didn't put everything out, as we'll be traveling over Halloween this year.
Didn't make sense to haul it all out of the basement...
but I wanted to share what I did get out.

Isn't this little "pillow" just so cute?
I can't even remember where I got it.
Big surprise. :)

I picked up these awesome paper fans/medallions, whatever they are,
when we were in Minnesota last month for some family business.
They have this freakin' AWESOME nursery called Gerten's.
I could spend hours there.
And they always have the coolest seasonal decor.

I actually found a couple crows at the dollar store.
And they still had some feathers on them.

Since I have the barnwood flower box on the coffee table this year,
I had to figure out where to put this little runner.
Okay, not the best place, but it works this year.

I usually use that big honkin' bowl above for trick or treat candy.
These little smiling jack-o-lantern faces make me happy.

This polka dot witch hat is still a favorite.

Argh...this guy turned out so blurry!
I found him at HomeGoods...I think he needs a name.
Any suggestions?

I was trying, and not succeeding, to get a decent shot of
the boo blocks with the creepy red-eyed bat hanging behind them.
Oh well.
I hung the banner that was on the fireplace last year here in the dining room.

I am loving adding fun things to the top of my dresser.
Someday...I'll get it painted.

The vinyl for the subway art came from Landee on Etsy.
Some of her designs you can just get the vinyl and make the board yourself.
That's what I did here.

Aaaaand...that's all, folks!
I didn't even get out my big ceramic pumpkin my dad gave me.
It has a flickering bulb so it's super cool!

Next year.

Hope you guys have been scaring up
some fun around your favorite haunts.
I pushed off the post with the gift bag so I could share some
Halloween with you...but it's on the schedule early next week.

So...make sure you come back and see me!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Oh...I almost forgot!!!
There are just a few more days to enter the GIANT baking bundle giveaway!


  1. Well, you might be late to the party but you put the P in the party. Pumkin orange and PRETTY cool! I love it all-especially the vintage looking things. Cute banner and you did a wonderful job- xo Diana

  2. I love your mantle and all the details...the black and orange paper pinwheels really add some fun drama! Come link up to my centerpiece Wednesday party and share your mantle with everyone

  3. Thanks for sharing some Halloween with us. :) I love your mantel. Quite the variety of items.

  4. WOW! I can't imagine how much Halloween d├ęcor you have if this is only some of it! Everything looks fantastic and so nicely displayed! I really like your dresser-top vignette, you've grouped some wonderful items together! Visiting from Common Ground and so glad I did!


  5. I love all of your vignettes. So pretty, and not at all cluttered or crazy looking. You have a good eye!

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