Monday, September 23, 2013

Confessions of a Spray Paint Addict ~ An Interview With

Recently, I was contacted by to be interviewed for
Doesn't that sound fun?

You can see the highlight on their site here...
but here you can see all the questions they asked me and my full answers.
Let's get started, shall we?

SK: Do you have a favorite spray paint project that you've completed?

Me: I think my favorite project is the update to my KitchenAid mixer.
As much as I love the folding chairs...I get to see and use my mixer All.The.Time.
It makes me smile just to see it sitting on the counter.

SK: What originally got you interested in using spray
paint to renovate and DIY around the home?

Me: Actually, would you believe my first spray paint project was 25 years ago?
Should I admit to being that old? Ha ha.
I made over a lantern I got at a garage sale when
I was in high school and have been hooked ever since.
Spray paint is easy to use and makes for a quick transformation on just about anything!
I have a friend who painted her kitchen cabinets with spray paint...but she's a little crazy.
Maybe it was the fumes. :)

SK: If you had to pick a favorite color right now, what would it be?

Me: Right now I'm totally loving aqua and lighter turquoise colors.
I used some aqua on the walls in my laundry room
Yes, you can spray paint just almost anything!

SK: What finish do you like using the most?

Me: That's something I'm really picky about.
For the most part, I hate glossy finishes.
Satin has always been my go-to finish, but not all colors are available in satin.
But, there's always a topcoat if I really want to take the shine down a notch.

SK: Would you be interested in sharing a photo of one of your projects with our readers? If so, could you briefly explain (1-2 sentences) a little about that project?

Me: We had acquired some ugly folding chairs, and while useful,
I hated to bring them out for parties because they were so blah.
I saw a photo of some colored chairs somewhere and that gave me the idea

SK: Any tips you'd like to share?

Me: Besides the basics, like always have good ventilation
and don't paint in your church clothes...
Don't be afraid to make a mistake!
Take your time with nice even coats to minimize dripping.
But in the end...for a few dollars a can, you can always
start over or change a color you decide you don't like.


Did you enjoy that?

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Hope you have a great fall week!

Putting down drop cloths here:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Wicked Good Treats Pail

Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming!
As if you didn't know.

There's pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING wherever you look.
And the ghouls and goblins have started
showing up at your favorite stores.

Okay, it's a little early to actually decorate...
but you've gotta be prepared when the time comes, right?

So I give you...
my candy corn colored treats pail!

I found this fun little pail at Lowe's for $3.50.

And it's a nice size.
They have other sizes, too...great prices.
{cheaper than the craft stores}
I believe they are all by the cleaning supplies.

I just primered it so I would get better adhesion.
Yes, I painted right over the sticker on the bottom.
That's how I roll.

See how the paint is jagged and uneven?
That's on purpose!

Really. Would I lie to you?
I didn't want a perfectly straight line...
so I tore my painter's tape down the middle for the jagged edge.

Sweet, huh?
But it's still missing something.

Oh, and before you tell me my candy corn colors are out of order.
I know and don't care. :)

I lucked out because that was literally ALL
that was left of the yellow paint in the can.

Not super bright, because that's also how I roll.
Krylon Dover White and Totally Tangerine...and Rustoleum Warm Yellow.

Yes, I used my Silhouette to cut out the vinyl.
I've had a sign that I just love for a long time that says this on it.
I decided I needed a treat bucket in which to put my wicked good treats.

Wicked good.

Don't have vinyl?
In the past, I've printed my template, then used a sharp object...
like an Xacto knife or pointy thing...
to trace around the edges of the letters deep enough to mark the metal or wood.

Then you have an outline and can paint it exactly the way you want.

The house and bats I purchased as a true type dingbat font from
Rhonna Designs...sweet, huh?

Please keep Colorado in your prayers.
We've seen unbelievable destruction this past
week and so many people have lost so much.
Personally, we are okay, but many people I know are not.

Have a great week!

Casting Spells Here:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm Sharing At OrganizedSAHM Today ~ Y'all Come!

Just a quick note to let you know...

I'm sharing my Rhyming Wreath Tutorial over at
Come by for a visit and say "Hi" to Tara!

Then come back and check out the original wreath post
and my other Halloween projects:


BOO Blocks                                     Polka Dot Witch Hat

Lest we forget:

Friday, September 6, 2013

An Exciting Find For My Living Room

I am beginning to see the light at the end
of the tunnel for my living room adventure.

I know.

When we decided to leave the furniture in it's Christmas
configuration, it left an empty space on one wall.
In some pics from last year you can see
we temporarily had a bookshelf there.
But I never liked it.

We talked about building this cabinet from Ana White...
but only one section wide.

I began to realize that
that was NEVER going to happen.
We've got so many projects we need to get done...
the cabinet wasn't a priority.

So I began searching for a small dresser or chest to use in this space.

I found this one just a couple weeks ago and I am sooooo in love.
See? I was so excited I didn't even remove that little green zip strip
before I stuck some stuff on it and snapped a few pictures!

The size is so perfect for this space.

I was looking for one with the curvy front...
this one is curvy on the top and straight on the bottom.
A little different...just like me.

My plan is to paint it with some ASCP in Cream.
I'm thinking some different colored knobs.
I've seen so many awesome pieces like this painted and used this way.

I'm so excited!!!
Can you tell?
Okay, I know I'm a dork.

Anyway, stick around...hopefully soon you'll
see it in all its makeover glory.
And the whole living room -
not just corners.

In the meantime...
I must tell you...
but you have to promise not to tell...
we've started on a super secret project.
I can't wait to show it to you, but it will be a while.
Just in case somebody has the time and stops by here...
I can't spoil her surprise.