Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Year! 2014's Top Ten!

Okay, well, I'm only slightly behind.
I mean, January's not quite half over yet, right?

It has been super crazy nuts around here the last few weeks.
So, without further ado,
allow me to present to you the top 10 from 2014!!!

I know, I know...
you're thinking...didn't I only post ten times last year?
No...I actually did a few more than that!

As always, I feel these numbers would be totally
different if posted at different times of the year.

9. Taking you into the clouds in my Valentine's "heart-air" balloon.

8. Absolutely wonderful and totally time consuming Paper Rose Trees.

7.  The "I still love going in there just to look" Planked wall bathroom.

6. The "keep calm and eat breakfast" Cheesy Egg and Sausage Bake.

5. "I can't believe I ate all the frosting" GF Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting.

4. The secret makeover of Sara's purple palace.

3. The Chalk Painted Dresser of my dreams.

2. The great TV Console maker
and the single most popular post from last year...

The super easy customizable DIY personalized cutting board.

And there you have it!
I had lots of fun in 2014 doing all these projects...
I hope you enjoyed them, too!

2015 looks to be challenging for my blogging time.
I just changed jobs and have much less free time now...
although I am totally stoked for this new adventure in the new year.

I know I promised a sweet treat before Christmas...
I am hoping to get it out to you in time for Valentine's day.

Until then, keep smiling!

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