Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sara Bakes ~ Chocolate Overload Cookies

Howdy out there in blog-land!

Well...while Sara was home for spring break last week,
she decided to do a little baking.
on Pinterest and knew they would hit the chocolate spot!

I swear, I don't know what is up with these pictures!
They look fine on the computer, and then I load
them into Blogger and they look like this!
I even re-did them!
Grrrrr. remember Sara, right?
This awesome girl...young lady...wo-man...?
Who am I kidding?
She'll always be my girl.

She just used Averie's recipe and substituted what we had or know?

This was actually the first time she's ever baked something from scratch all by herself.
She was pretty proud of these cookies.
By the time I got around to snapping a couple pictures...
These two were all that were left!

Averie's pictures with the gooey chocolate
must have been straight out of the oven.
So Sara's don't look so messy...
Here's the recipe link isn't right for me to post it
here when the subs she made are not significant.
We only had regular butter...dark brown sugar...
and not quite enough dark chocolate, so she just used extra semi-sweet.

Sara made her cookie balls quite a bit smaller and got about
3 1/2 dozen as opposed to the 17 in the original recipe.
She baked them the same, but could easily have cut a minute or two off that time.

They were still soft and chewy, and yummily chocolicious...
but surprisingly not overly so...

She gave most of them away...which was probably for the best.
Otherwise we might have sat and eaten them all with a tall glass of cold milk.
In one sitting.

What's the last Pinterest recipe you tried?
Was it any good?
Let me know!

P.S. I really am working on things...I've finally started
on that hall bathroom that I bought the paint for eons ago...

I'm trying to get the stuff hung on the walls before
I show you the entertainment center makeover...
can't have it sitting in a plain jane room now can we?

So...until then...

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Get Happy!

Hi peeps!

Today I'm dropping in to share a fun..HAPPY video with you!
ION Oklahoma magazine paid a visit to OCU recently
and filmed the students at the dance school...including my Sara!

Check it out here:
(and look for the curly blonde girl in the bright blue leo! )

 If the video doesn't load or show at this direct link to the video here.

Clap along!

Be happy and have a great week!

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Painted Lady ~ A Dresser Update

Hello there peeps...
I know, I've been neglectful and haven't been around.

I think I have a brain cloud.
Ever have one?
Know the best way to get rid of it?

last weekend it was cold and snowy...
but it made for the perfect weekend to get this project done...

Last fall I told you about this fabulous find I got for my living room.
And yes, it's taken me this long to get it painted.

I apologize to those of you who said I should leave it natural and not paint it.
I just couldn't.
I say I'm sorry, but really I'm not.

It was throwing my whole living room atmosphere right outta wack!
Okay, maybe it wasn't quite that dramatic, but it all felt off.
Like something just wasn't quite right, you know?
It's bad enough that I am forbidden to paint the grandfather clock.

I would probably get a lecture from my dad just for mentioning it. :\
{but just between you and me, my mom thinks it would look pretty good painted black!}
The grandfather clock, that is.  But don't tell.

I waffled some on the color.
I have a shelf done in Annie Sloan Old White,
so I didn't want this to be the same.
Between four different choices, I went with the AS Cream.

It's kinda buttery yellow.  But I like it.
If I had thought about it, mixing the Old White and
Cream might have been a good compromise.

I wiped the dresser down with some hot soapy water.
It is old and was kinda dusty and cob-webby.
Two coats of paint later, you'd never even know!

I did some light distressing with a sanding sponge.
I didn't want to go crazy, just kind of a gently used look.
I know you're supposed to wax THEN sand, but I don't like it that way.
Call me a rebel.

I have yet to decide if I will use any dark wax for aging.
I may try it on a small space and take it back off if I don't like it.

The knobs may change. 
That's something else I can't decide on.
I thought about painting them aqua, then didn't.

Some cute crystal ones might be fun.
At some point two of the knobs had been replaced,
they aren't quite the same style and size as the others.

But, unless you look, you can't really tell...
so for now...if you don't care, I don't care.

I love the lightness it brings to that side of the room now.
It really does fit into the rest of the style I have going on.
And as pretty as the natural wood was...I just love this more!

And now...just in case you're curious about the stuff on top:
this chunky plant stand...yes, it's a plant stand...
came from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.
I have used it for a cake display and now for candles
They have them again this year, but they are several dollars more now, of course.

The Pottery Barn look-alike lantern came from Pier 1 for a fraction of the cost of PB's version.
The frame is a clearance find, painted, strung with wire and mini clothespins.
The paper wreath came from Zulily and the round tray from Decor Steals.
The urn came from a vintage street fair and the boxwood ball is a TJMaxx find.
Like I said...just in case you wanted to know.'s not just a pretty face...
I use it to store rotational decor, extra candles, books, and such.
It's awesome.

You know...if I had a wide angle lens...
I'd someday show you the WHOLE living room.
Oh well.

I hope you have enjoyed this makeover.
And if you didn't, please keep it to yourself. :)

I'm trying hard to get over my brain cloud problem...
and in the meantime...
I think I'm finally going to start painting the bathroom.
I've only had the paint for a year.

I hope you all have a fantastic week and
the brain clouds stay far far away from you!

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