Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boo Blocks


Did I scare you?

I didn't think so.
These aren't going to scare you either...but they sure are cute!

Start with 3 or more of these.
They used to be 2 for $1 at HobLob...but no more.
I think they were 79 cents each.

 I painted them black then distressed the edges.

Now, here's where you can take different directions.

You could:

1. Print out letters on actual pieces of scrapbook paper and measure and cut.
B. Create the exact size shapes you need in Word and fill them
with digital papers and letter so there's no measuring...just cutting.

I do this a lot..or use PowerPoint...for making buntings.

If anyone would like a tutorial on doing this...
PLEASE let me know...
I would be happy to put one together.

UPDATE: find the tutorial here.

 Really...whatever works for you.
Once I cut them out I used some distressing ink on the edges.

I attached the paper to the blocks with Mod Podge.
Then applied all over.
Really...where would we be with out that stuff?

I drilled holes centered on the block and strung them with tulle.
If you drill...go from front to back.
Or else it will push your paper out the front.
Duh...I learned that the hard way.

{you could also drill BEFORE you apply your paper and just punch through}

you could skip the whole hole drilling...
and use a staple gun to attach the tulle to the top back.
Again...up to you!

Since I did these before I was really decorating for Halloween...
I am showing them to you displayed on my Ikea bar:

Handy for spices, tins of loose tea...

and cute little non-scary boo blocks.

I love the tulle because it gets all poofy when you tie it in a bow.
Poofy is good.

 Here's a scary version:

Okay...maybe still not scary.  But PicMonkey is fun to play with.

What do you think?
I may put them back on the bar...I kinda like them there.

Do you have all your Halloween stuff on display yet?

Still working on some crafty things?

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  1. Kelly, what a cute project!! I love the addition of the black tulle....perfect!!

  2. CUTE! I'm still working on getting Halloween stuff out. Probably won't get to it until next week - I think I may have to do something like this. They are just adorable. I'd like a tutorial! :) It'd save me time instead of trying to figure it all out. lol. You can call me lazy. :)

  3. Oh, these are SO super cute! My witchy hat turned our really badly so I'm trying again next week! I honestly would love a tutorial on how you did that. I am so impaired sometimes. :/. Such cute projects!

  4. Super cute projects! Love the BOO!

  5. Thanks for stopping by - I love these BOO blocks! What a cute Halloween project!

  6. They are so cute I really like the black ribbon youve tied them with too, looks like a black cobweb! Great job must be so fun decorating for Halloween. We dont really do it here in Australia unless we throw a Halloween party. Looks like a lot of fun though :)

  7. I love your blocks- well done!

  8. Great tutorial. Really cute blocks!!

  9. Such a fun idea, they look great! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...


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