Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life is like...

a box of chocolates.

Okay...maybe not.

And to be honest, I've never actually seen that movie.

Hey, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Last month was my MIL's birthday.  She lives out of state and we usually send her a little something special.
This year I decided (at the last minute, of course) that I wanted to include something I made.
So I present to you...this cute little treat box.

It started out as one of those little papier mache boxes from the craft store.
I think this one is 4 inches - It would work with any size, but the bigger the box,
the more you need to fill it - and if you're mailing it, the heavier it will be.

I didn't take a picture, so here's your visual:


First, I painted the lid cream.

Then, I cut some words in vinyl with my Silhouette and put them on top of the lid.
I painted black OVER the vinyl, roughed up the edges to kind of distress it,
 then REMOVED the vinyl so the cream paint under the black showed the words - sort of a reverse stencil.

 ...trimmed some scrapbook paper to fit the sides of the box and the sides of the lid.
...printed out some pics of me, my hubby and my daughter...
I inked around the edges for character. :)

Next comes the Mod Podge.
I attached the scrapbook paper, then the pictures...then gave the
whole thing a coat of Mod Podge on top as a sealer.

And...since her birthday is just before Valentine's day,
I threw in some chocolates.

It was quick and fun and easy - and would make cute treat boxes for a party.
Just add photos of the birthday boy/girl with their friends.

What do you think?

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Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm in love...

...with my laundry sorter.

Okay...let's be honest.  It doesn't make me love laundry.
But it does make doing the laundry a lot less of a pain in the you know what.

I would dread doing laundry.
It would all go in one large basket.
Then it would all get sorted on the piles...that we would, of course, traipse over for a day days.

And...I'm a little weird...I don't sort my laundry the same way a lot of people do.
Soooo, I had piles everywhere.  At least until they were done for the week.

I searched and searched for the perfect sorter.
Three bins was just not enough...two would definitely not cut it.

I found one I loved...and I had a gift card to that store. BONUS! has HORRIBLE reviews.  It seemed everyone hated it.
Insert a sad-faced me here.

I found this one online at Target and after very little debate...
I ordered it and have loved it every moment since.

You might find that a bit strange...but I assure you.  I have much stranger traits. :)
I can see at a glance what needs to be washed next.
It fits perfectly where I want it to be...
Oh - and if you're curious - I just made the tags in Word and laminated them.
Aaaaand tied them on with some fun twine!

So, call me strange, but I will continue my love affair with this beauty. makes we want to finish up the rest of the laundry room.
Oh, hon.... :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Well it's a beautiful day here in colorful Colorado.  I wanted to share some pics from an event I helped my mom with at her church.  It was the Sweetheart Banquet hosted by the senior group.  My mom, my daughter and I set up all the decorations and made sure the food was hot. 
Guests provided hot Italian dishes along with salad and bread.  We provided dessert which included Emeril's Italian Cream Cake, PW's Pots de Creme and a candy buffet.
It was a lot of fun and there was lots of great food!