Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cookie Dough Jack-O-Lantern Truffles

Halloween is a perfect time to send a fun
care package to your favorite college student!

You should definitely include some of these yummy cookie dough jack-o-lanterns.
If you can keep from eating them yourself.

Cookie dough is one of Sara's favorite things.
I thought it would be awesome to send some
homemade treats and scare up a little yum.

I looked for some ideas online, but most called
for using a can of sweetened condensed milk.
I found this odd...since it's not a normal ingredient in chocolate chip cookies.
At least not the ones I make.

So I just messed around with my favorite recipe until I got it just the way I wanted.
I used a small scoop, just like when I bake real cookies...
so they'd be a uniform size.
Roll them into balls, place on parchment or freezer
paper on a cookie sheet, and freeze until firm.

I dipped them in orange colored vanilla candy melts from Wilton and let them set.
BTW, I think I am the worst candy dipper in the universe.
My truffles, cake balls, whatever, are never smooth and pretty.
Guess it's a good thing they taste good!

Using a toothpick and some melted chocolate,
add the eyes and nose while they're sitting on your cookie sheet.
You can do the mouth now, too, if you want.
It was easier to pick them up to add the mouth, but doing the whole
face while holding it made the candy coating melt in my hot little hands.

Yes, I am aware their smiles are lopsided.
Snarky little things.


I'll show them...just bite their face off!

I packaged them up in cellophane bags with cute tags.
But those darn jack-o-lanterns would not stack nicely.

I said, if you guys don't start cooperating, heads are gonna roll.


But they just sat there and stared at me with
those happy little smirks on their faces.


But you can't send a care package with just one thing!
Among other things there was a Practical Magic DVD and
I included some of these cute Halloween pedi gift bags...
inspired by Being Bianca.
To have and to share...roommate, littles, friends
Spread the love around.

Cookie Dough Truffles
  • 2 sticks butter, softened
  • 1 1/4 cups brown sugar
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla
  • 1 3/4 cups flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3/4 cup mini chocolate chips
Beat butter, sugar, and vanilla until smooth.  Whisk flour and salt together and then add to creamed mixture until blended.  Add chocolate chips and mix well.
Form into balls and freeze until ready to coat using chocolate or candy melts.

Have a sweet week!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

A Touch of Fall

Howdy, Peeps!
I'm just sharing a little of my fall decor today...
in hopes that maybe summer will finally get tired of hanging around...
and it will cool down some.

A lot of my decorations are the same...
so you may have seen them on last year's tour.
Sometimes I move things around and occasionally add new items.

The little mouse hanging on the side of the wire
cloche is new, but not really a fall accessory.
Just a bit of whimsy.

Oops, it appears my "slipcover" is riding up.
Pardon me!

I added a little printable banner to the chunky shelf.

Other things got moved around...and now some
orange candles glow here on a side table.

I love putting little pumpkins in this big lantern.
I rarely light the candles that are normally in it anyway.

One major difference this year...I got the dresser painted last winter!
I am loving it...and it looks so cozy and warm over there.

I know some people like to decorate for fall with neutrals and white pumpkins...

...let them, I say...I will keep the things I love about fall...
the warm, rich colors that evoke thoughts of falling leaves and
crunching through cornfields on a cool autumn night bundled up for a hayride!

Ooooh...and hot apple cider and pumpkin bread...and caramel apples...

Aaaahhhh...I feel refreshed already.
Take that, summer!

I found this cute pom pom garland on clearance this past weekend.
So fun! I knew I had to add it to the mix.

Some time this past year, I spray painted the shutters...
they were bright white and chippy...but too white.
Now they are more subdued...and you can still see
the chippy-ness beneath the thin coat of paint.

Warm, rich, cozy...
I think it's time for some of that cider.

I hope you've enjoyed this little jaunt into fall.

If you pretend not to notice the dust on my black tables...
I'll pretend to feel really bad about its existence.

I have a Halloween-ish treat coming up next,
so don't forget to check back with me soon!
Have a great weekend.

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