Saturday, January 26, 2013

Be Mine Printable Bunting

Are you bored, listless, lacking motivation?
Do you wander around the house sighing heavily?

Then YOU need.........a vacation that involves palm trees and sunny beaches.

Sorry, I don't have one to offer, but if you find one...I'd be happy to tag along.

I'm not really bored...just experiencing blogger's block.

Ugh...and I've only just begun. :)

Today I offer up...this printable BE MINE banner.

I almost didn't post this.

I thought, what will all those expert printable makers
in the blogosphere think of my creation?

Will it just be a sad attempt at bunting banner glory?

Eh, who cares...fear of failure is the only stumbling block to great success.

That's what I tell myself anyway.

So, for your printing pleasure...a bunting for you.

You can see it in action at a Sweetheart Banquet here.

I used a tiny rectangle punch and strung on ribbon.
I added bits of pink ribbon between the triangles for more frills.

You could use cute baker's twine...add tulle.

Whatever your little heart desires.

This is the first time I've tried to make a link to a download.
It is in Google docs and should be accessed through the above link.
{It looks funny on the screen but it downloads
and prints fine...can anyone explain this to me?}

PLEASE let me know if it doesn't work...
and I will try something else.

I used to think I was tech-savvy until I
started messing around in the blog world. :)

Have a great weekend!

Smooches to all!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

My Heart Has Been Framed

He was a dark and stormy knight...
I mean IT was a dark and stormy NIGHT.

The lightning flashed, the thunder crashed,
the lights went dark and out I dashed.

It wasn't was the one-armed man!

Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic.

But this fabulous Valentine art needed a proper intro...

Allow me to present...the 3D Framed Heart Art.

Start with a paper mache heart...some scrapbook paper...and a frame of your choice.

For your heart to look just right, you're going to need to cut it in half.

So, first seek out the vise from its hiding spot in the corner of the garage.

See that it's covered in icky spiderwebs,
retreat to locate your trusty garden gloves and THEN go back and get it.

Set it on your {husband's} little workbench next to the
pieces of another project that are still unfinished.

Wrap some paper around your fragile heart so as not to scuff
it up in these vicious, unforgiving jaws of death.

Sorry, more drama.

Next, choose your weapon.

Waver between the hacksaw and the coping saw.

Start with the hacksaw just because the teeth are finer,
and seem to work better on the paper,
but switch anyway when you get to the
bottom and need more height on your saw.


Make your cut slightly off center at the bottom.

Shrug and move on.

Realize when you head back inside that you never told the
blog world that you painted your garage entry door black and that you love it.

Chuckle to yourself because that was totally random!

Be a little surprised that there's actually newspaper inside.

Pick and paint your heart half in whatever fashion makes your own heart happy.

Choose the fancy frame because, well, it's fancy.

Paint over your fancy frame with a creamy color and distress lightly.

Discover your frame has a couple pieces of cardboard
behind the glass and do a little happy dance.


Because you can attach your scrapbook paper
to the cardboard so its sturdy and doesn't pull
out of the frame when you attach the heart.

Then you have to decide what part of the paper you want to use.

Go with the part that has the fun little bunting and smile.

Search {in vain} for your spray adhesive,
shake your head and wonder why SUCH an organized person can't find stuff.

Give up and hot glue your paper to the cardboard.

Put your frame back together, placing the glass somewhere
behind the piece of papered cardboard.

Attach the heart to the front with hot glue.

Ta da!

Decide it still needs a little something...

Add a key cut out when you are unable to locate the
old rusty key you KNOW you have somewhere.

Remember the incident with the spray adhesive
and vow to change your disorganized ways. and pineapples.

I don't's the first thing that popped into my head.

What do you do with the rest of that awesome scrapbook paper?

Put it in an Ikea frame that's been waiting around for another project!

There you have it...
your {almost} step-by-step guide to framing your heart.

I LOVE it and I hope you do, too!

I've got a couple other Valentine things to post...
and we're starting to work on some of our bigger projects.

I can't wait to show them to you!

Have a great weekend!
{I'll stop yelling now...}

Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Back to NORMAL?

Is there such a mythical beast?
Ehhh...everything is relative.
But alas, it is time to put the accoutrements of
Christmas away until next year...
or, technically this year, just later on.
Only 348 more shopping days!
Wanna know something crazy?
I have MORE Christmas dishes than regular dishes.
Hmmmm...probably NOT normal.
 I'm not proud of this.
It's a burden.  Really.
Just ask my husband who has to help carry the dish
box up and down the basement stairs...while doing what sounds like
some fancy breathing technique for natural childbirth (a la Bill Cosby).
{If you've never seen or heard this...I'm not responsible if you pee your pants.
The part I'm referring to is in the second half of this clip}
So...we empty the box onto the counter...
take turns hollering into the bottom to see if there's an echo...
and get to work.
So now the cabinets are starting to get back to normal...
But now the table looks like this...
Vicious cycle...let me tell you.
Then begins the wrapping and wrapping...
but I do love Christmas, and I do love the extra bit of cheer
that my Christmas dishes bring to every meal.
Not EVERYTHING goes in to the dark depths
of cardboard no man's land to hibernate.
Bob stays out all year...because he makes me smile.
However, if the time ever comes when he starts
flaunting that fact in the faces of the other not so fortunate mugs,
we'll have to have a little chat, me and Bob.
Perhaps I'll threaten him with the hair dryer.
Oh well...
this will all serve to keep me busy...
since Sara headed back to school this morning.
How about you guys?
Do you have Christmas dishes you love?
Favorite mugs?
Is YOUR house back to NORMAL?
Or something that kinda resembles it?
I hope your holidays were fabulous!
I've got a list of projects to get started on right away...
I think I've been a slacker long enough.
See you soon!