Sunday, August 23, 2015

Glam Guest Bath Makeover

I have made it my mission to paint all the cabinets in the house.
Someday I'll even make it to the kitchen.
In the meantime I have finished the 3rd and final bathroom.

This is our upstairs guest bathroom...
otherwise known as Sara's bathroom when she is home.

It started out like this below...usually with more clutter.
The fashion cities wallpaper border never got completely
put up and what was there was starting to fall down.  Nice, huh?

I don't know why there is a yellow hand towel on the rack.

It wasn't horrible...if you don't count the orangey
builder cabinets with no hardware.
But it was time for a change.

You can see my paint samples on the wall below. :)

Ta da!
I went with Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray.
It's soft and a little warm...very pretty and soothing.

I was concerned about doing gray in this room with no windows,
but the satin finish and the lighter color actually seems to
brighten the room instead of make it darker.
Please ignore my elbow.

She's been wanting me to do something in here since

She wanted the cabinets painted and the mirror framed...
and when I told her I was going with gray...
her only request was a plum shower curtain.


Oops. Looks like I forgot to put the little rug back in before I took this shot.
Oh well.
Someday I hope to replace the flooring...but until then this will have to work.

I framed the mirror with some decorative molding, mitered at the corners.
You can find instructions for that all over the place.
I will post some of my own someday.
I also used my favorite Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint
to transform the shiny silver light fixture into something more classy.

She also asked if I could do a large damask stencil on one wall.


You can see it here reflected in the mirror.
It look pretty...but that's something I probably
won't be doing again anytime soon.
But more on that in a later post.

I've decided to do the cabs throughout the house in the
SW Creamy that I started with in the master bath.
To me it's the perfect creamy white but not stark.
I love a little warmth to my white.

The hardware I purchased from this seller again on eBay
because they have great prices and flat rate shipping.

The counter top was done using my same method of
sponge painting and sealed with epoxy resin
like I did in our planked wall powder room.

The faucet is the same as the powder room...these were a
couple of satin nickel faucets I picked
up on clearance at Walmart for a great price.
I couldn't pass them up.

Here is the stenciled wall.
I took out the standard towel bar and replaced it
with antique looking hooks for a little more character.

This actually came from Hobby Lobby and was turquoise.
I painted it with some black chalk paint and distressed
it a little so the turquoise would just peak through.

I'm still deciding if it needs a piece of art in the large space to the left of the towel hooks.

Here's a little closer look at the counter tops.
And a little bit of pretty with a sort of vanity tray and a beautiful orchid.

That's the story of the glam bathroom makeover.
Yes it's a little posh and purple...but I feel it's still a nice
space for Sara as well as any overnight guests we may have.

Oh...and just for a little fun...
I added this bit of vinyl to the front of the tub
 so you see it when you pull back the curtain.

Just a quick before and after.

I wish I could give you a cost breakdown.
But the truth is I started this makeover last fall.
I know, I know...hard to believe it takes that long.
Hey...I did say I changed jobs and it caused a scheduling upheaval.

If I had to guess in my head...
paint, hardware, faucet, curtain, molding for the frame, epoxy...
Probably around $250 or so.
Not bad for an entirely new look without replacing major pieces.

So what do you think?
Way better than the before right?
Sara likes it...I know she won't be home forever...
but I'm confident guests will enjoy it also.

Well...that's all for now, folks.
I do actually have a couple more things waiting in the wings to show you...
I just have to make some final stay tuned.

Until then, remember:
happiness is a choice...choose wisely.