Monday, February 18, 2013

See Me in Sage Online Magazine and
my 3D framed heart art are included in this
month's issue of Sage online publication.
How exciting is that?!?!?!?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Say It With Cake...

Well, I have been a little "unwell" and kinda missed
wishing you a Happy Fat Tuesday and Happy Valentine's Day!

So, I made you some cake to make up for it.

Actually, I made these last year I think...

This was for my dad's birthday since it fell close to Mardi Gras...

And this was for a friend who was surprising her husband with a weekend getaway.

Love and cake...
how can you go wrong there?

Hope your heart day was a happy one!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines For Grown-Ups

has a fat cherub flown by and smacked
you upside the head yet this year?

Yeah, me neither.

But I totally think that's what MY cupid would do...
no heart shaped arrows here.

Anyway...I am so excited to show you these
"sending homemade love" Valentine treats.

But first I've got a little tutorial for sending a Heart a can.
The good kind.
Trust me.

I put this together to send in Sara's Valentine treat box.

Start out with a clear sided can.
The silver one I found at Hobby Lobby...the red one was an extra
one I picked up in the Target dollar section at Christmas.

Grab some cute scrapbook paper and awesome
sparkly stickers and you are on your way.

Apparently I looked as if I needed help with this project.
She got up and sat with her font paws on the paper.

These instructions might seem unnecessary, but I'm gonna tell you anyway.

Measure your can...just the clear part.
You might need to take a little off if there's a lip.

My can is about 3 inches across so the circumference is
small and allows the 12 inch paper to circle all the way around.

Mark your paper and start snipping.

Nice long strip...perfect.

Roll it up and slide it into your can.
I lined up the ends of the paper with the seam on the can.

I didn't want my paper sliding around so I pulled out the handle
and used a pencil to poke some holes directly through the paper.

Then I just re-inserted the handle through the more sliding.


I wanted something for the lid, too...
so I just used it to measure a circle from some more scrapbook paper.

Attached it to the lid and HAD to add a SWEET cupcake sticker.

I cut out a BUNCH of hearts with my Silhouette
from different colors of cardstock.

You could totally cut them out by hand or I'm sure you could
find a package of heart shapes somewhere this time of year. :)

My husband and I did about half...I gave the other half to my folks.
We used them to write things we love about Sara on each one.

Pretty much filled up that can!

How awesome is this for encouraging someone?

Now...on to the sweet treats.


Standard chocolate chip cookie recipe here...
I just subbed Valentine M&Ms for the chocolate chips.

Easy peasy.

I portioned them out just like I was gonna bake them...
but rolled them into balls and stuck them like this on a metal cookie sheet.

I put them in the freezer for an hour or so until they were hard.

Once they were firm and I knew they wouldn't stick together,
I transferred them to something I could put a cover on and keep them all together.

Yes, this is a margarita bucket.
No, I did NOT empty it JUST to put the cookies in.

But I would have if it came right down to it.
The things I do for blogging.

I ADORE these cartons I ordered from Garnish.

LOoOoOoOve. I tell you what.

A little Washi tape around the lid...some baker's twine...

I printed out a label with baking instructions...

And away we go.

I fit about 10 cookie dough balls in here.
If you made yours a little smaller, you could get a whole dozen.

Shhhh...I'm giving these to the girls at work.
Don't tell.

You could do this for ANY occasion or holiday.
Just change up your colors and have a ball!

These make me smile.

Do you do some homemade treats for friends and co-workers?
What's your favorite to give or get?

Have a fabulous weekend!
See you on the flipside.

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