Monday, December 31, 2012

Highlights for 2012

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas
and are anxiously awaiting the fresh start of a
brand spankin' new year!

I don't have any New Year's Projects for you,
however, I'll let you see how we celebrated last year...
but first,
I mustache you a question...

Do you like to party?

We had a lot of fun last new year's eve with some
mustache and word bubble props.

Of course, Sara picked the
"this is what AWESOME looks like"

My friend, Kristian with her Fu Manchu...

We played Apples to Apples...
I ended up with this card and thought it was kind of fitting:

Looks like a group mug shot...

My sister:

Sara and my mom still has her mustache.
She keeps it in the kitchen...I think she wears it when no one is around. :)

Kristian's husband, Waylon...
we used to tease him that he needed to be medicated just to hang out with us.
I'm not sure it was a joke. :)

Taylor looks good with a stache!

Even the kitties got involved...willing or not...


There are tons of mustache templates online.
I used some to cut stiff felt and hot glued them
to some mini dowels I painted.
They were nice and sturdy and will last a while.

The word bubbles I just made in Word using this method.
They were printed on cardstock then cut out and glued to the dowels.
I got a whole pack of them at Hobby Lobby cheap.
 You could use skewers, but they're pokey and I'm clumsy. :)

Have a supercalifragalisticexpialidocious New Year!!!

Now, on to the highlights...
I wasn't sure if I was gonna do a recap post...but decided...what the heck.
Here goes...
the most popular posts for 2012:

Number 1...the Folding Chair Facelift!
This post has gotten over 50 thousand views...and
continues to be the highest viewed post daily.
I was contacted about using it for a project for troubled teens.
I can't believe painting my chairs would have garnered so much interest.

Even got a virtual high-five from the blogger I copied. :)

3. Snowball Fight in a Bucket make your own fun!

4. My Witch hat tutorial for fashion forward witches!

It surprises me that this one made the top 5 :)

How are you celebrating?
We stay in and play games and act silly...
there may or may not be brandy slush involved.

Looking forward to an awesome 2013!

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  1. What a fun post, Kelly- I especially like how the cat got in on the fun. Don't you love the Apples To Apples game? What fun!!!! xo Diana

  2. Love it! The pictures of you guys made me laugh..looks like a blast! Have a wonderful New Year!

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