Friday, October 26, 2012

I Feel Like Mike Wasowski!

But, you know, without being green...or a "one-eyed cretin."
Kinda like when he and Sully were on the TV commercial
but the network logo covered his whole face.
But he was still totally excited?
That's me.
See this magazine?   Guess what's inside it...
Nothing fancy...but a picture of my rainbow painted metal folding chairs!
That post has been crazy popular.  Who woulda thunk it?
Scrap365 contacted me and asked to use the photo for color inspiration. it's a magazine in the UK.
And it's just a picture of chairs.
But it DOES have my name and my blog name listed.
It still makes my heart sing

Thanks for letting me share this little bit of excitement with you.
You guys are great!
What little things regarding your blog make your heart sing?


  1. I think it is a BIG deal that a magazine used your photo!!! BIG kuddos to you!!!! Kelly, I would use the front cover with that magazine and put it on your side bar as a feature! Great job on the photo. You just never know do you?

  2. This is a big deal. Congratulations!


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