Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Back to NORMAL?

Is there such a mythical beast?
Ehhh...everything is relative.
But alas, it is time to put the accoutrements of
Christmas away until next year...
or, technically this year, just later on.
Only 348 more shopping days!
Wanna know something crazy?
I have MORE Christmas dishes than regular dishes.
Hmmmm...probably NOT normal.
 I'm not proud of this.
It's a burden.  Really.
Just ask my husband who has to help carry the dish
box up and down the basement stairs...while doing what sounds like
some fancy breathing technique for natural childbirth (a la Bill Cosby).
{If you've never seen or heard this...I'm not responsible if you pee your pants.
The part I'm referring to is in the second half of this clip}
So...we empty the box onto the counter...
take turns hollering into the bottom to see if there's an echo...
and get to work.
So now the cabinets are starting to get back to normal...
But now the table looks like this...
Vicious cycle...let me tell you.
Then begins the wrapping and wrapping...
but I do love Christmas, and I do love the extra bit of cheer
that my Christmas dishes bring to every meal.
Not EVERYTHING goes in to the dark depths
of cardboard no man's land to hibernate.
Bob stays out all year...because he makes me smile.
However, if the time ever comes when he starts
flaunting that fact in the faces of the other not so fortunate mugs,
we'll have to have a little chat, me and Bob.
Perhaps I'll threaten him with the hair dryer.
Oh well...
this will all serve to keep me busy...
since Sara headed back to school this morning.
How about you guys?
Do you have Christmas dishes you love?
Favorite mugs?
Is YOUR house back to NORMAL?
Or something that kinda resembles it?
I hope your holidays were fabulous!
I've got a list of projects to get started on right away...
I think I've been a slacker long enough.
See you soon!


  1. Hiya Kelly,
    Yes... for the most part, and as normal as it can get with 2 young men a Mr. and 2.5 yr old chocolate lab.
    Last weekend, I took advantage of being left alone and deChristmassed the house. We are talking 14 trees, and decor all over the house. But I did it. Ooohh yeah. Took me 7 hours, but I did it. The Mr. came home to a garage neatly filled with 1 car, but the other side neatly in rows, containers and naked trees. The car slept outside that night and the next day with some help from the lads, he got it all put away in the attic.
    Come on over and see my deChristmas dining room.
    Cheers, Gee

  2. My house is still a wreck! Decorations are away but new presents have no home... I need to declutter amd organize. UGH.
    My favorite are Christmas platters.... I will miss them!

  3. Now, you are a girl that loves dishes!! Happy Packing! I am finally done putting an end to Christmas around here...really and truly finally! How we love Christmas!

    Safe travel to your daughter.


  4. I am right up there with you- I have sooo many Christmas dishes and I haul them ALL out and put them ALL away again every year. I think there might be something seriously wrong with people like you and it's a good kinda wrong. I put the rest of my stuff away TODAY! Hooray! xo Diana

  5. I can sooo relate!! I think I, too, have more Christmas dishes than regular's a pain switching em out after Christmas, but I sure do enjoy the festiveness during December! :*) Enjoyed your post! ;)

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