Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A College Care Package

You know...I had this crazy notion that when we sent Sara
off to college we'd have all this extra time to do stuff.

Well, I'm sure we would if we hadn't suddenly become lazy. :)

Okay...I haven't been a complete slacker...
I have managed to get a few things done:
A lampshade, some halloween stuff, and my mixer.

But I had all this stuff I wanted to get done before
she came home for Christmas break.
The half bath redone...a new baker's rack built...an ottoman built...I know...I'm nuts.
And now that is quickly approaching...crazy!

I tell you that...because this post has been sitting in my list for a looooong time.
Full of pictures and nothing else.

Not long after she went to school we sent her a package.
A couple things we didn't have ready before she left...
some stuff we didn't realize she needed until after we were there.

So I included some pictures of her and us...and Taylor...and grandma and poppa.

The little plastic frames are meant to stand on their own...but if you flip them over...
they can be hung on the edge of shelves or whatever...which is what she did.

The big pink frame is sort of custom.  I talked about them in this post.
It started out white...I spray painted it pink then distressed it.
I added the zebra bow.

The zebra mat?
Easy...plain white 5x7 mat {4x6 opening}...drew on the zebra stripes with a paint pen.

If you hadn't guessed...her dorm room is pink and zebra.

The pink chalkboard frame was a picture frame I picked up on clearance...
attached chalkboard vinyl {from HobLob} to the glass...
then tied the ribbon around the frame for hanging before putting the glass back in.

Her package also included some meltaway cookies from Landee See Landee Do.

She had found the recipe before she left for school and we ran out of time to make them.
So I decided I would make her some and send them along.

I had one of these canisters left that I put the cookies in.
The rest we took down when she went.

She can keep her snacks fresh...and everyone knows whose they are.
Sara's Sweets and Sara's Snacks ~ cut out of vinyl.
She started out with banana chips...roasted almonds...and Nature Valley protein bars.

The canisters came from Bed, Bath & Beyond and
were pretty reasonable..especially with a coupon!
I didn't get a picture of the last one with her powdered laundry soap.

College kids LOVE getting packages.
No matter what you put in them...but always add some fun.
And home made goodies.

We send cards and notes so she has mail...
but she said "no packages?"
I said, "like what?"
"Oh, anything you see that makes you think of me!"


Do YOU know any college kids that need a pick-me-up?
Some don't get to go home for Thanksgiving...
now would be a great time to drop them a little something.

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  1. Kelly- What a great post- I can remember when the kids went off thinking I would have ALL this time to do ALL the things I had been putting off...yeah...uh-huh. And then they came home...and then they visited with spouses...and then they had kids...and now I get NOTHING done because I am busier than I was when they were all home!

    Love all the sweet things you made/did for your daughter. Gotta love our daughters- xo Diana

  2. Hi Kelly! Cute little pink frame...I like your blog. Thanks for stopping by today to see my sofa slipcover post- which I had to edit a little. I'm glad to meet you at your blog :)

  3. Cute care package. What a luck girl! Thanks for sharing, liz

  4. Great care packages full of yummy goodness. What college kid wouldn't be thrilled!

  5. I love it Kelly! What a cute package! I am sure that your daughter must have been absolutely thrilled! And homemade cookies too! I'm 44 and I still get care packages from my mom who lives 3000 miles awawy and the are the BEST! Angie xo


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