Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Be Merry ~ Or Else!

Once upon a time,
there was a girl who loved Christmas.

She decorated and baked...
and shopped and wrapped...

She sang carols and danced...
created hand-made gifts.

She started the countdown in October!
...started planning all the treats she would make.

Then the girl got older...she got tired, and busy.

She still loved Christmas, but things weren't the same.

There wasn't time for all the treat-making
and hand-made gift creating.

All the pretty decorations were there,
but the fun was somehow missing.

She tried to find the merry,
but the merry sometimes got lost in the hustle.

She decided a little reminder might just be in order.

The girl who loved Christmas decided
that this would be the year to bring the merry back.

Friends, family and the Babe in a manger.
Plus all the sparkly, pretty things of the season.

Be Merry!

Take a deep breath, sit down with a cup of cocoa...
enjoy the beauty of Christmas!

...or else...

Or else you might just wake up on December 26th
and realized you missed all the magic.

{for the banner...
I used these cute little canvas pennants I found at Hobby Lobby.
And these adorable teeny tiny clothespins...
they were in the unfinished wood section...
and painted them red and sparkly.
I used an alphabet stamp and ink pad and strung on baker's twine.}

Come back in a few days...I'll be doing some hot beverage mixes that are perfect for giving!

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  1. What an absolutely wonderful post! You put into words what so many have been feeling. That cute banner should hang in all our homes as a great reminder to enjoy the season! ~ Maureen

  2. What great truth here, Kelly- We need to realize that we CAN be merry- Blesings- xo Diana

  3. Thanks for that reminder, Kelly! Especially in this crazy world of blogging that seems to add even more crazy pressure and deadlines into the mix it becomes so easy to race through the season! So happy you have your merry back!

    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!



  4. Hi Kelly, Lovely post, sweet words!!! Congratulations for your decision on BE MERRY!!!I born in Christmas time, I'm more then 50 years old and thanks God I still feeling the magic!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  5. Right up my alley. Love this banner. You be Merry too:) Thanks for sharing.


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