Monday, June 18, 2012

Teacher appreciation and a little more...

And now for a little randomness!
or a lot.
I'm kind of a random person.
I'm not flighty...I'm a multi-tasker.  I can do way too many things at once...and I try to.
Sometimes I change from one thing to the next so fast my poor husband is totally lost. :)

So anyway...I know teacher appreciation week was last month, but I'm behind.
And the little project I'm showing is good ANY'll see.
This kinda got long...sorry.

My daughter just graduated from high school.  I saw tons of great and cute ideas for teacher appreciation.  However, most are better suited to elementary school teachers rather than high school.
Especially when your student has 8-10 teachers.
And sometimes I think the high school teachers get forgotten.
Maybe it's because teenagers don't want to be seen carrying cute little treats in to school...
I don't know.
My daughter's teachers always get sweet treats...I've never had a complaint. :)
This year they got chocolate cupcakes in school colors.
I even got a huge compliment from the catering teacher!

One of her teachers did get a special gift. She is amazing and went above and beyond.
Last year Sara took a fashion design and merchandising class.
For her final project she designed a beautiful evening gown and watercolor painted
it and framed it and used it also for her art class.
This year Ms. Knepper spent countless hours during lunch and after school helping
Sara turn her design into reality.

The original painting on the left, finished dress on the right.
She wore it to prom.

Needless to say, this is a teacher who loves her...and loves her students.
We decided to do something special.
We got her a certificate for a massage and packaged it up in this
adorable idea from The Gunny Sack.

It's Pampering In A Jar!
I stayed pretty close to Tonia's contents and tucked the certificate right on top.
Of course, she loved it!
{Some of the items included lip balm, rich lotion, sugar scrub, aloe socks, etc.}

This past week I made a couple others for the dance studio director/instructor and the ballet instructor.
I was in such a hurry to get out the door I neglected to take pictures.
Edited: I made now I can show the pictures

Imagine if you will, this is what I started with:

Just a clear plastic pail from Hobby Lobby.
I lined the inside with cute scrapbook paper...made some cute tags and added ribbon.

Just filled it with the other fun things and added oatmeal blackberry bars.
Which I also did not photograph. :(
I'm still getting used to this whole "take pictures of everything" thing.
But they were a hit.

So...I really do appreciate all the teachers in my daughter's life.
...and all the teachers everywhere who make it their purpose to enrich the lives of their students.
To all of you I say:

P.S.  I do cakes and cupcakes occasionally and would be happy
to put some of them here if anyone would like to see them!

Keep smiling!



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