Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Master Bath mini makeover ~ part 2, the reveal  It's been a while.  Graduation kicked my butt.
We hosted an "art gallery showing" of my daughter's artwork for her party.
It's been over a week and my living room is still not back to normal.


When we last saw our hero, there was chaos in the master bath...
and a tub full of corresponding accoutrements.

We actually finished this project in April sometime...but life has been busy for the moon AND me.

Well, after those gazillion coats of poly, it was time to move on to the cabinets.
I have a picture of them in the process of being painted,
but you really don't want to see that.

I cleaned them all with Krud Kutter and used a liquid sander/deglosser on them.
I probably should have lightly sanded them, but I didn't.
They're still doing great, but it's not like we stab
them with sharp things on a daily basis either.

I primed them with Kilz, but may use something else next time...hmmm...
like maybe some that's specifically meant to use on glossy surfaces?  Huh.

The paint color is Sherwin-Williams creamy.
It's a perfect cream, in my opinion...not too yellow or too grey.

I glazed everything...doors, drawers, main cabinet.
These are the Asphaltum antiquing glaze and Mocha translucent glaze.
I wasn't happy with either one of these colors alone.
One was too black, the other too light brown.
Well, the obvious solution? Mix them together...equal parts.

You have to wait a couple days before sealing when you use the glazes...
so I couldn't put the hardware on right away.

I found all the cabinet hardware here and I would
TOTALLY buy from them again.
The prices are unbeatable...they ship fast...and I am so in love.

SO, now on to the finished pics...there are several because I do so completely love it!

In this pic below you can see the new pots I painted with the
Oil Rubbed Bronze to take the place of the others that went to the guest room.
Now they're matchy matchy.

Remember that ugly light fixture?

It's amazing what a little ORB spray paint will do!
I'm almost ready to say I don't ever need to replace it!
But let's not get too hasty.  It really is too small for a vanity this wide. are the before and afters:

If we hadn't replaced the faucets, we would have kept it under $100.
I think the finished amount was somewhere around $175
for all the supplies I didn't already have
on hand plus the hardware and faucets.
Not too shabby. :)

I hope you have enjoyed this little adventure with me.
If you missed the first post with the counter top...check it out here!

Let's hope it's not another month before I get the laundry room posted.
You're gonna love it! But probably not as much as I do. :)

Have a great week!

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  1. Great job! I'm really impressed. What a difference a little paint will make.

    I found you via Thrifty Decor Chick, and I'm adding myself as a follower. Nice to "meet" you!


  2. Wow, wow, and wow! Looking at that before, I can see why you're so pleased with the after ... I mean, I'm thrilled with the after. Gorgeous! And thrifty! My two faves ...



  3. What a great before and after! Thanks for stopping by Navy Bean Lane ... consider myself your newest follower!

  4. What a great transformation, I am a fan of the darker colors, but the entire room looks superb! : )..

  5. That's a great makeover! It looks so bright and fresh!

  6. I am always looking for bathroom makeovers! we are finishing our second bathroom in the last year, the second being a gut job...your looks great! love the new look

  7. I'm in the middle of a mini makeover in my bathroom, also. I love how yours turned out! You have a lot of really nice touches.

  8. It's great! We're re-doing our master bath and it's taking FOREVERRRR! I love all of the changes but especially the cabinets! You're right mixing the two made the glaze just right!

  9. I cannot say enough about your bathroom! It is absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom. I am still working up the courage to paint my basic builder oak cabinets and this may just be the nudge I needed - now to convince my "wood should never be painted" hubby! Thanks for visiting my blog too - following you! Jane

  10. This is a gorgeous bathroom makeover! I love how it totally transformed into an updated bath on a budget. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  11. I chose you as my newbie spotlight this week, come and check it out!

  12. I love it! I have seen these glazes and wondered, now I know! Awesome, found you at Debbiedoo's Newbie spotlight!

  13. Fantastic transformation and on a budget! I've got a mirror in my children's bathroom I plan on framing out..thanks for the tips. Visiting from Debbiedoo's Newbie Party, so happy to be now following! :-)

  14. Miraculous Ttansformation...

    2 years ago I did the same to my entire kitchen so I understand your Joy. I still smile every morning when I see it as I come to get my coffee.. ahhh what paint can do..

    enjoy every moment, it really looks fabulous.

    visiting from DebbieDoo's Newbee feature
    your newest follower

  15. It looks great and priced right too. Shows what elbow grease and a vision can accomplish.


  16. Absolutely stunning makeover, and at an awesome price. Congrats on your spotlight at Debbies.

  17. Sure looks great! All your work really paid off. What a pretty new space to enjoy =)

  18. Wow. That looks so fantastic! I love the white cabinets with the dark hardware.. i think that is my favorite part of the whole thing, but there isn't anything I don't like!

  19. That's a beautiful transformation! Amazing what a little paint & some detail (and work!) can do. Congrats on being in the Newbie Spotlight!

  20. BEAUTIFUL transformation!! Just saw you spotlighted @ Debbie's:)

  21. This is such a wonderful transformation!!! I am painting our cabinets right now as well, I just love yours!

  22. Hi Kelly! This a fantastic makeover! Just a wonderful transformation. I love the handles that you chose...very classy. I saw your post as a result of Debbiedoos picking it as a favorite from the newbie party. I was so sad when I had to "graduate" from the newbie party (speaking of your daughter's graduation). Hey, I saw a couple of things that we have exactly is the white wooden box on your counter and the other is the long scroll-y wall hanging that I can see in the reflection of the mirror. I am following you now. I have been blogging for a little over a year and just love it.

  23. I came over to give you some bloggy love 'cause DebbieDoo said to....and when I got here, I fell in love with your cute blog.
    You did an awesome job on your bath. It looks like a million dollars.
    I am following you now. :))

  24. Gorgeous! You did a fabulous job on all of it. Now, you can come over and help me, k? :-)

    Stopped by from Debbiedoo's and so happy I did. I'm a new follower and look forward to more of your creative talent.

    Stop by and say hi when you can!


  25. Well, when Debbie says to go check out someone's blog, you just do it, because, well....because it's Debbie! So glad I did what she said. This is quite a makeover, Kelly, & you did an awesome job! I'm a new follower & look forward to seeing more from you, so go.....get creative!

  26. Thanks so much, everyone...for the sweet comments. We really are enjoying daughter wants me to do her bathroom next! :)

  27. What a terrific makeover and great job! Like the use of the dark drawer pulls against the white! Thank you for sharing your garden project at Potpourri Friday! Hoping you will make it a weekly or regular party stop!

  28. The added $75 didn’t go to waste; the transformation is perfect! My favorite is actually your countertop. It went amazingly well with your newly-painted light fixtures and the new frame of the bath mirror. You’ll never go wrong with a bold touch of brown!

    William Gulliver

  29. What a difference! I love how this turned out! The frame around the mirror really makes it look custom and the new hardware is so pretty. I want to do a very similar makeover in our master bathroom--it for sure needs it!
    Would you mind to link this up to the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop? I would love to share this makeover with my readers!

  30. Awesome makeover!!! I love the glazed cabinets and hardware!!


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