Friday, June 29, 2012

Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow - canvas fun

I haven't had much time to get all the pictures ready for the full laundry room reveal.
However, I thought I'd share the cute canvas I made for one of the walls.

I picked up a 14" square canvas with a coupon...always gotta have one of those!
The whole thing got painted with Folk Art's Jamaican Sea.
It's a beautiful aqua color.

I cut some vinyl letters I wanted on the silhouette...
fought with them...measured...lined them up...fought some more.
{Did you know you can use your 40% Hobby Lobby coupon for vinyl? :)}

Now...if I had been smart...I would have put another coat of
paint over the letters to prevent seepage.
Don't you like that word...seepage?
Me neither.

I didn't take pictures in between.  I think I'll blame it on a time warp.
Or a wormhole.
I painted over the vinyl with the same color used on the trim and cabinets,
leaving the edges aqua.
Once it was dried mostly...the letters got peeled off.

And...this is where that seepage comes in to play.
I had some touch up to do with the Jamaican Sea.
Oh well...lesson learned.

I found these cute little birds in the silhouette store.
They are just perfect with the other accessories that ended up in my laundry room.
Which, by the can see just the color of the wall of in these pics.

I promise...the whole thing IS coming.  Soon.

Until then...keep smiling!
Oh, and if you DON'T get the laundry done and run around naked...
at least close the curtains! :)



  1. oh my gosh, thats perfect!!!

  2. What-Run around naked? Ummm...I don't HAVE curtains in the laundry room. Do you suppose it would cause the neighbor to have a seizure? LOVE your sign- It is really cute! xo Diana

  3. How darling and in the end you won the fight! And be careful of those wormholes. I feel like I've been in one since I started blogging ....




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