Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Wonder Woman Costume

When I was a kid...I looooooved Wonder Woman.
I mean...who didn't? She was one kick butt chick!
And she had her own invisible jet.

Shut the front door!

So, last year when Sara wanted to be Wonder Woman...I was all over that!

And, yes, she still dresses up.

Sara has NEVER had a store bought costume.
That's not to say sometimes some parts of her costume weren't purchased.
But she's never worn a plastic mask with an annoying elastic string that

Keep in mind...I was not really blogging this time last year.
I think I had posted two whole things.

I had made this collage and posted it to my Facebook page...I'll break it down a bit.

As the picture above says:

1. $3 square toed boots from Salvation Army
spray painted with Krylon Cherry Red...then hand painted white stripe

2. A red cami ~ the Heat'n Bond worked great!
I found the eagle image through a Google search...
I just picked one I thought would be easy to cut out.
I attached the heat'n bond to the gold lamé first, then
pinned the print out on and cut it out and ironed it on the cami.

3. Blue leggings, also from the thrift store...cut into shorts and hemmed.
We used felt and the heat'n bond again for the stars...but
if you have iron-on vinyl...that would be easier - or paint.
Once the shorts were done...we sprayed them with glitter paint.

4. The headband and wrist cuffs were made from yellow foam sheets
Cut them out and painted gold, then glittered.
{After I made these, I found GLITTER foam sheets. Ugh.}
The wrist cuffs have snaps glued on.

5. Sara had a piece of stretchy gold sequined belt she wore...
but you could use any gold ribbon.

6. Don't forget the magic lasso!
We just used a length of inexpensive gold cord from Hobby Lobby. 

The invisible jet was the easy part!

{She IS wearing tan tights...but this is NOT a school appropriate costume}

She did get to wear it to a hand out candy...and YES, for trick or treating.

A dad and his kids came to the door when she was handing out candy.
The dad said..."Oooh...look who that is!" 
His little girl was probably about 6.
She said "I don't know!"
He said, "it's Wonder Woman"
She just said, "oh."

Kids these days.

Think you might need a Wonder Woman costume of your own?
Don't we all?

Do you/did you make your kid's/kids' costumes?
Do you have a favorite?

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  1. oo, good job! Yes, I made my kids costumes...they were both Power Rangers one year. Yikes. I bought a pattern and sewed them- a red Power Ranger and a Pink Power Ranger. Those were definitely the hardest I ever did.

  2. Great costume! I made almost all of my kids's costumes, but that was almost 35+ years ago when clowns, witches, bunnies, Super-Man & pirates were popular -- those were simple to make!

  3. Great job on the costume! I have not made a costume for my kids, we usually buy them. FYI, I have nominated you for a Liebster award. See today's post for details.

  4. How cool is that? I love how the boots turned out.

  5. What an awesome costume!!! It's obvious you put a lot of hard work into it. Now if only you could make a spider-man (toddler) costume tutorial because the stores keep selling out!! Thank you. LOL.

  6. OMG way too cool. LOVE the last shot. She is rockin the wonder woman. Yes, I adored her too and wanted to be just like her when I grew up. DIDN't work out for me though LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Just in time for ComicCon! I need red boots pronto; thrilled to find out I can use spray paint and do it myself! Thank you so much!


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