Monday, September 10, 2012

Indoors S'mores Party

Game called on account of rain.

We hadn't really intended this to be an indoor party.

We had EVERY intention of having this
fire-breathing gooey-ness outside.

But, alas, the weather had other ideas.
As soon as we got all the stuff started to pour.

Luckily, I hadn't planned to use the patio fire bowl to roast our mallows.

See the pots at the top of this photo?
Gel pots from my chafing dish.

We surrounded the pots with river rock to withstand the heat.
Hey...those are the straws from this post. :)

Worked like a charm.
Don't worry. It's safe.  I checked.
And...we tested some first to make sure there was no funky taste.

Did someone say {fire}?

I'm not sure McKenzie would appreciate this picture.

Here's a happy face.
I used the flash here so you can't see the flames.

It's not like teenagers need treat bags.
So I just made them up some portable
S'mores snack bags to go.

No roasting necessary.

Honey Maid has mini graham cracker snacks.
They are sooooo cute!
They're about an inch square and perfect for this mix.

I kinda eye-balled it, but I'd say it was
just about equal parts the mini graham crackers,
milk chocolate morsels and mini marshmallows.


If  you can't find the mini grahams,
Golden Grahams cereal would work just as great.
Or Teddy Grahams would be adorable!

And if you would like the bag you go.
I know...I'm a little morbid. :)
I used the print wizard thingy on my computer.
I think I put it in the 3.5 X 5 size (4 copies per page).
Make sure you un-click the "make picture fit to frame" box.

So...once they were all running on sugar...

they decided to play twister in the living room.
You saw the pretty party chairs in this wildy popular post.
It's so crazy I can't believe it!
17 - 21 year olds playing twister.
Pretty funny.

But I guess it wasn't challenging enough.

They invented EXTREME Twister.

See the numbers on the circles?

{P.S. Do NOT try this move at home}

They marked the circles with numbers...then they
would roll a die then spin for the color.


Sometimes it's all about perspective.


Wanna do S'mores indoors?

Here's what we had:
Wooden BBQ skewers. {Who'da thunk it?}
Honey Grahams broken into squares
Milk Chocolate Bars
Fire :) ~ make sure you don't use anything
flammable to put your fire in and be sure to insulate with rocks.

Reese Cups make a yummy gooey alternative to plain chocolate.
I've seen this done with gourmet flavors.
Any good melty chocolate candy would work.
Double chocolate: use chocolate grahams if you can find 'em.
Cute displays and serving containers are a MUST!

Ready for indoor s'mores?

Summer's not over yet!

Go on...get gooey!

Send me pics!

Have a fabulous day!


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  1. Oh-How Fun, Kelly- Rain or not it was a fun party. Love the idea of the S'mores to go- I will do that for our kids- perfect and will probably use the Teddy grahams. GOTTA love that graphic!!! OMG- Too funny- xo Diana

  2. Kelly what a fun and twisted party this was indeed! I love it. thanks for sharing with my party.

  3. oh my gosh what a great time they had, you did such a beautiful job setting up the table and creating the bags , oh my gosh so cute, I wish I was crafty like this!! Beautiful girls here as well, so pretty,

  4. seems that you had a blast, every detail was perfect for a unique party like that!

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