Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Princess Party ~ and CAKE!

My two princesses.
Sara and Ruby.

When Ruby turned 3, her mom had a princess party.
What princess party is complete without Cinderella?

Rather than hire some stranger who was going to charge mileage
to come up from princess, Sara, played the role of Cinderelly. :)

My mom and I made the dress.  It's basically the pattern
from Simplicity with a couple small changes.
We altered the neckline slightly per Sara's request.
And we took some extra fabric from around the waist
and pleated rather than gathered it because there was
just sooooo much fabric it was kinda bunchy.
I don't have a great full length picture...but here it is:

The headband was made with extra fabric hot
glued to a plastic headband.
The choker was black velvet ribbon with
snaps sewn on the ends.
I ordered the gloves and glass slippers online.

Some of the party goers chose to have their pictures
taken with Cinderella...some did not.
I only showed you the girls whose moms I know. :)

Cinderella twirled her dress and showed the girls her glass
slippers...which some of them wanted to try on!
She also handed out sparkly tiaras to the
princesses who came to the party without.

She was loved by all...of course.

Then it was time for sweets!
There were frilly pink cupcakes...
I got the FREE princess cupcake toppers here.
I just printed and punched them out with the 2" punch
then taped them to new sucker sticks.
Then I made the little fondant crowns.

Not my best work...but everyone seemed to love it anyway.
Sara asked me why I didn't braid Rapunzel's hair...
{you know you were wondering what that was!}
I said I just didn't think about it...grrrrr.

So, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella.

We also coated some pretzel sticks with pink candy coating
then added sugar pearls before the chocolate cooled.

So, there you have it...a party fit for royalty.

Here is some more inspiration for princess party cakes.
These are older and I don't have party pictures to go along with them.
I either wasn't at the party or something.

The Pink Ballet Princess.
This one was even pink inside.

The frilly Baby Princess.

And some simple chic cupcakes.

Have you pampered your inner princess lately?
You should totally read this book:
It's hilariously funny!
You'll want to get your own tiara...along with some fuzzy kitten heels.

Have a great weekend!



  1. What a wonderful party!!! You and your Mom did a great job on the costume for your very own Cinderella!!

  2. Oh this was looks like such a fabulous party, for all princesses. I could have never altered that dress, kudos to your sewing skills :) I just loved all the party sweets ideas, wonderful cake.
    Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh, this is absolutely adorable, the cupcakes and the fabulous cake! I bet Sara could get tons of local jobs playing Cinderella, she is perfect and her dress is adorable! What a fun and perfect day!


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  6. Oh my goodness how fun! The dress turned out wonderful! What an adorable party- fit for any princess!


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