Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rockin' {some cute flag shorts} in the USA

Ladies and gentlemen {imagine there's an echo, mmmkay?}...
today we have a very special guest...all the way from Oklahoma City...
home for the favorite girl, Sara.

She's sharing this patriotic DIY shorts makeover...
please give her a very warm welcome.

Hello everybody!
This summer my list of crafty DIY things is just about as long as my mom’s.
Since July 4th is coming up soon this seemed like a good place to start.

So… here goes…

Find a favorite pair of shorts that you want to give an American face-lift.
I got mine at a thrift store. J

They can be high-waisted, regular in cut, denim,
white or whatever your heart desires.

The type of shorts don’t matter. 
I think choosing white in color is
easier for the design, but it’s up to you!

I had my mom make me some star stickers 1.5 inches
in diameter that I placed in a pattern on the fabric.

{These were cut on a Silhouette, but you can find star stickers just about anywhere}

Now that you have the shorts (white in this case) you need
a red and a blue color of paint that you like.
I made the mistake of using acrylic paint and hopefully once
I wash them now that the paint has dried they won’t be as stiff.

Paint made specifically for fabric is probably a better choice.
But hey, you use what you got, right?

Pour about 2 tablespoons of each color in separate containers
and add some water, but only enough to dilute the paint.
Perhaps the ratio should be 1.5:1 ; water:paint.

On the right leg I painted the blue with the stars so that the front would
have the same look as an actual flag. The backside however,
if you continue the stars the same on the left leg, you’ll be flipped

I then took a 1 inch foam brush to paint over them and the rest of the right leg.
Seem easy enough right?

Just make sure that you don’t use too much of the liquid around
the stickers or else you’ll have some bleeding where
you don’t want it and there’s extra work involved to fix the stars.

The left leg is easier and only requires frog tape or washi tape
{excuse me, you used my washi tape?}
to make straight lines horizontally across to keep the white stripes.

You decide how thick or thin the stripes turn out.

My warning is the same with this side though.
Don’t soak the fabric right next to the tape to avoid bleeding.
Brush the liquid off and away from the tape.

I would suggest letting one side dry, at least some,
before flipping to paint the other side.

Hang 'em up to dry completely!

Thanks, Sara!

Now everybody can R.O.C.K in the USA!

Make sure you follow the recommendations on the paint bottle for washing.

I want to see you all rockin' your flag shorts!
Whew...won't those fireworks be goin' off!

So let's have it...send me pics!
I'd love to see your patriotic refashions!

Did you enjoy this post from Sara?
I have a feeling she'll be back this summer.

Have a spectacular weekend!

Rockin' out here:


  1. Oh-How very, very cute- the girl AND the shorts. I had a pair that was almost identical back in the 70's!!!!! I should have kept them----oh wait...they wouldn't fit anyway. Great job- Like mother like daughter- xo Diana

  2. What a great idea! Those shorts turned out really cute!

    I found you on Give Me The Goods Monday. Hope you're having a fabulous week!


  3. This is DARLING!! And it looks fairly easy, too. I'd love to have you share this at What to do Weekends Party on my blog.Awesome weekend project, don't you think? This could be adapted to skirts, pants, whatever, but these would be great to wear to a fireworks display. Following you. Linda Oh, and I'm pinning this also.

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