Friday, March 29, 2013

An Adirondack Evening

No, I wasn't kidnapped by aliens.

I know you were wondering.

Going back to work was harder than I thought...
I've been coming home totally pooped.

So I sang the Hallelujah chorus when I found these pictures
while I was scrolling through a folder on my computer yesterday.

A super summer fun chair makeover!

This was a project Sara did a while back...
{read: over a year ago...maybe two}

They had to paint a piece of furniture for an art project.
We found this Adirondack chair kit from
Harbor Freight for a really good price.

She and Jon put it together, and she set about painting it
just like her concept painting in the first pic above.

Once it was done, we sprayed it with several coats of some
heavy duty poly that's supposed to be good for outdoor stuff.

It's totally gorgeous.
Unfortunately, it resides at my mom's house.

Darn kids.
She gave it to my mom for mother's day.

I hope this has inspired you to "pretty-up" your lawn furniture.
Or at least get it out of the garage and hose it off.

Have a fantastic weekend!
The weather here in Colorado is going to be fabulous!!!!

 Sitting around the campfire here:

 The Dedicated House ~ Make It Pretty Monday


  1. I LOVE that chair. It is hard going back to work, isn't it? Have a wonderful Easter- xo Diana

  2. The chair is perfect!!! We are finally getting nice weather here in Chicago!!! Have a lovely weekend!

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