Friday, April 12, 2013

Mailbox Makeover Mania

Well, hellooo.
Hee Hee.
For some reason I was hearing that in my head like Mrs. Doubtfire.

Anyway...I don't know if you could truly call it mania,
or even a mailbox for that matter.
But it is a it sorta counts.

This is a little project I finished up recently in my
ongoing quest to lighten up the living room.

Would you believe this  used to look like this ?
{pay no mind to our old beater jeep I often use to paint things on...including glitter :)}

I picked it up for a couple bucks at a thrift store.
I had originally intended to use it in my laundry room.

It was pretty nasty, so I cleaned it up really well,
then primered it.

Then I decided I didn't really like the whateveryoucallit
on the I removed it with some trusty pliers.

I had to file down the rough weld spots,
then used some more primer.

To add some textural interest, I picked up this
decorative wood piece at Michael's.

I just glued it directly to the front of the box.

I knew I was going to distress it all once I painted it,
so just added black paint to the wood piece.

The whole thing got painted with homemade
chalk paint and then distressed lightly.

I added a coat of spray poly and called it done.

Now it graces this corner of my living room...
which used to look totally different.

Those picture frames got painted, too.

It took me soooo long to figure out what I was doing in this corner.
I love that this piece begged to go there.

The fleur de lis came from Hobby Lobby.
The paper script flowers and piece of ribbon
came from a local decor shop.

The curtains I made...someday when I get the
whole room finished, I'll show you how. :)

I am finally loving this corner.

However, this is how it usually looks...
this is her favorite spot.
I think she thinks that chair is hers and hers alone.

So here's my question...
what's the longest time it's taken
you to finish redecorating a room?

I got the slipcover for my sofa last October...
so that's when I officially started.
Maybe I'll finish before this October. :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Kelly, That little mailbox turned out really cute. Perfect and so girly and sweet. Love your "corner" and it is just lovely. I am never really done decorating, I guess- so it has taken me years to finish something!;>) xo Diana

  2. Beautiful work on that piece! I find corners to be so difficult and you did such a wonderful job on putting it all together! I am not sure I am ever completely done with one space! Ha...enough to make the hubs go crazy! Have a great weekend and great work!!!!

  3. It looks quite charming, esp with the addition of the wooden scroll piece. A job well done ;-)

  4. Such a cute transformation! I love your little corner. I'm never 'finished' with a! Have a great day!~~Angela

  5. What a pretty idea! Love the way you transformed this container into such a beautiful piece! Catherine (new follower)

  6. What a wonderful makeover! So pretty. Thanks for joining us at Transformed Tuesday. I'm a new follower.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  7. Love this project! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays. New Follower.



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