Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Help Me ~ I'm A Plant Killer

I don't mean to be.
I didn't set out to commit floricide.

It just happens.

For Valentine's Day my husband got me this beautiful Calla Lily.
I hearted it a whole bunch.

I did all the things it said on the little plastic
thingy that was stuck in the pot.

It was in a nice, bright spot.
I kept the soil moist but not soggy.

But now it looks like this:

The flowers don't turn colors and they usually shrivel up.
It looks horrible.

So...what did I do wrong?

Can any of you with a super green thumb help a girl out?

I do okay with my outdoor plants and flowers...
but apparently wasn't cut out for indoor greenery.
And I LoOoOoOve indoor flowers.

Thanks for any advice you can give!

Seeking "professional" help here:

The 36th Avenue


  1. Hmmm indoor plants are tricky!!! I know this sounds funny but I find that if I ignore them a bit and just water them every.week and a half to 2 weeks that they do better for me!!! Good luck lady!!!

  2. I think those lilies are meant to be planted outside, aren't they? Anyway, it might be possible that this is it's "down time" and that is normal for that plant? xo Diana

  3. No way - can't plant those lilies outside here in Colorado! It looks like it got too much water. When I was going through landscape design school my instructor told me that there are two things that can kill a plant - too much or not enough water. Gotta find that sweet spot! Also be sure and feed it.

  4. They are so pretty. Wish I had advice, but I just recently killed my bamboo plant that my Hubby gave to me. My thumbs are black.

  5. Haha... "Floricide". Unfortunately, I have no helpful advice for you as I often find myself committing the same crime! My husband laughed at me after he saw that I killed SUCCULENTS. :)

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