Monday, September 3, 2012

Pepper Steak For A Crowd

Okay, maybe a small crowd.

Like 3 or 4.
Or 2 if you're really hungry.

Finding something humorous to say about pepper
steak is much harder than you might imagine.

So I guess I'll just skip the funny business for now.

Pepper steak is SO easy to make and yummy to eat.

I had about 3 1/2 bell peppers.
One of them was half funky on the inside.
I don't use green...supposedly {whether it's true or
not I don't really know for sure} the green ones I'm
told are not ripe and that's what causes an unhappy tummy.

Pull out the middles and make long slices...maybe 1/2 an inch thick.

Do the same with at least one LARGE onion.
I didn't take pictures of the onion...
I'm going to say because I didn't want to make you cry.
Not because I forgot.

I started sauteing my veggies while I sliced the meat.
Peppers and onions need more time to
soften than it takes beef to cook.

Heat oil {olive or toasted sesame} in a big honkin' skillet.
You could even use BUTTAH if you so desire.
Just stir around those virtuous slices to get 'em cookin'.

Then, we'll pretend I cut up all this skirt steak into strips also.
But I really didn't.
I bought it already sliced.
I was being lazy.
It was close to 2 lbs.

Add it to the peppers and onions.
Sprinkle in some salt to taste.
This is a LOT of probably at least a teaspoon.

I switch between sea salt and regular just because of the iodide.
Sea salt has less sodium, but I haven't found course
salt for my grinder that contains that necessary nutrient. :(

Here you can see that the steak is just starting to cook
but the veggies have already started to get soft.
You could cook the peppers and onions even more
if you want the beef to cook less.

Don't put a lid on it.
This will help keep your steak from getting tough.

Stir until the meat is no longer pink.

At this point you can taste and see if it needs more seasoning.

If not,
remove from the stove and serve over rice.
Feel free to add soy sauce.

We are trying to cut carbs here at our house...
so we ate it just like rice at all.

It was really good...and even better warmed up the
next day after all the flavors had a chance to mingle. :)

To Recap:

2 lbs skirt steak or other thin beef, sliced rather thinly
3-4 bell peppers, cleaned and sliced
1 very large or 2 medium onions {I like sweet}
cooking oil
soy sauce or terriyaki optional

Heat oil in large skillet over medium heat.
Slice peppers and onions and dump into hot oil.
Stir until beginning to soften and caramelize.
While those are cooking, slice beef {or buy already sliced :)}
Add to the veggies and salt to taste.
Cook until meat is done.
Spoon over cooked rice.
Enjoy with your crowd be it small or large.
With rice, I'd say this should serve 6 or so moderately hungry people.

I hope you are all enjoying your long holiday weekend.
Did you do anything fun?
We had a weenie roast and a bonfire with some friends.
Simple and fun.

I hope you have a fabulous week ahead!

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  1. Oh Yummy- That sounds so good- no matter if you can't make too much fun at its expense. We went for a drive and then I came home and finished moving my garden bed. MyHero took a nap. I guess he doesn't "GET" Labor Day- xo Diana

  2. Is this your original recipe? It looks amazing! I bet it tastes just as good, of not even better. And it is good that you chose to use red pepper over green pepper. Aside from the fact that it is not that ripe yet, red peppers also have more vitamins and nutrients and contain antioxidant lycopene. This is certainly a delicious dish with meat.

    @Liz Peters


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