Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Love From Your Mummy: A Halloween Chalkboard Care Package

It's time once again to remember your favorite college students,
far away friends and relatives, and loved ones serving overseas.

Yes, I know I'm a little late. Again.
I was out of town and just got this finished up.
You can pin it for next year.

But...it was worth the wait!
It's Love From Your Mummy!!!

A totally awesome Halloween Chalkboard Care Package!
I'm almost more excited about the box than the stuff inside!
But I'm a dork.

I started off painting the inside with black craft paint.
I added orange polka dots with more paint.

Use different coordinating scrapbook paper for the flaps.
On a side note...I love scrapbook paper.
But I don't scrapbook.  So There.

I wanted to make the outside cute, too.
I started off just painting it like the inside.
Then I had a brilliant idea!
Chalkboard, baby!

The cardboard kinda soaks up the paint a little making the surface a little rough.
I knew it would be easy to replicate a chalkboard look even without chalkboard paint.
I did go ahead and rub some chalk over the surface and wipe it
off with a paper towel before painting for more authentic look.

I haphazardly, but precisely (lol), painted my words with white paint.
I didn't want them too perfect, but I wanted them to have nice form.

Then using a sanding block I lightly distressed the entire thing and lightly dusted it off.

The result was a beautiful thing.
Just look.

I did two full sides...

Love from your Mummy
May contain: things that go bump in the night

The other two sides I just filled in with mini chalkboard scenes.

My furry helper approved...

But wait...what about the Halloween treats inside????

I made up a bunch of these adorable Halloween S'mores treat packs.

Each one has 4 graham cracker halves,
2 mini Hershey bars, 2 pumpkin peeps, and one ghost peep.

Mr. Ghost looks a little angry.
Maybe someone ate his I Scream.

Look how cute they are!
I just love them!

What good is a Halloween care package without a good movie.
Sara doesn't like scary movies so I always look for
something a little more on the fun side.

I know she hasn't seen this one...and it's a musical to boot...
Little Shop of Horrors is the perfect choice.

A little trick or treat candy, some decorations,
other random stuff...and you've got yourself
a howlin' good Halloween care package.

Full of Love from your Mummy.

  I hope you've enjoyed this last minute Halloween gift idea.
I know I had way too much fun creating it.

The lady in the mailroom at the college told Sara
she always knows when a box comes in for her.
I always decorate them in some way.
I think she's really going to like this one.

I've got a little giveaway coming up next week so be sure to stop by!

Until then...
beware of those things that go bump in the night.

Scaring up a little fun here:


  1. Kelly- That is SUCH a cute idea. I am going to save it for next year. I love how you decorated the box and the treats inside are ALL great. I would have loved to get a box like that from home when I was young. xo Diana

  2. Absolutely adorable! You have a lucky daughter. What a great writing style you have too! Pinned and following you there.

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