Thursday, March 20, 2014

Get Happy!

Hi peeps!

Today I'm dropping in to share a fun..HAPPY video with you!
ION Oklahoma magazine paid a visit to OCU recently
and filmed the students at the dance school...including my Sara!

Check it out here:
(and look for the curly blonde girl in the bright blue leo! )

 If the video doesn't load or show at this direct link to the video here.

Clap along!

Be happy and have a great week!


  1. Now that was a fantastic video!!! They are all so talented...and your daughter rocked it!!! Nicole

  2. Great video. Loved the two little girls in the poodle skirts and that shot of them all popping out of the bathroom stalls. Your daughter did great!!!! xo Daina

  3. This brought smiles to my face like you can't believe !
    Sharing is caring - thanks SO much -
    Happiness IS the truth !


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