Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Home Tour 2013

Hello there!
How's your Christmas season so far?
It's wonderful and exhausting! :)

So let's just sit back and take a little tour, shall we?
Not like a three-hour tour that ends up with us stranded on some
deserted island with a bunch of other people, no duct tape, and no one
who can figure out how to build a boat without it!

No, this is much more relaxing...
and then we'll have some cocoa and cookies!

Yes, I know there aren't any ornaments on my tree.
Well, actually there are 6.
But only because they're either new...or weren't in the ornament box.

I might get around to putting the rest on this weekend.
But then again, maybe not.
It still looks preeeeeetttty!

I made the ruffle garland last year from some
onasburg fabric ripped into strips.
Love it!

 The stockings I made last year also.
I love onasburg because it has a nice neutral color, like drop cloths...
but it's much easier to work with, in my opinion.
It reminds me of linen.
It's rather inexpensive, too.

I'm a self-proclaimed Christmas traditionalist.
I love red and white decorations.
But not bright white and cream are the ones for me!


My fabulous dresser is host to the nativity this year.

 Since I never got the chance to paint it...
I cut out some wrapping paper to the shape of
the top to give a little color and interest.
So fun.

Santa's just hangin' out in his jammies...

 See? the tree doesn't look so bad...

Maybe I can distract you with this
cute little birdie under glass...

I have two totes full of snowpeople.
Yes, snowpeople...the girls get offended
when I casually toss them in with the "snowmen."

 They're all over the it doesn't look like there are that many here.

Oh, but here are some more...

 A bunch of minis on the chunky shelf...
and who doesn't need a snowman-on-a-stick?


And now...a lovely picture of deer and birdie butts:

 The first year in this house, we put small hooks under the edge of the railing
just for the's one of my favorite parts of the house.

A couple shots of the dining room and kitchen...

Why, yes, I do hang gift bags on the wall as decoration...don't you?

I used an inexpensive greenery wreath - upside down -
and tied it to the light with some fabric strips...
added some berries and's awesome.

 If only this snowman on the fridge would tell me to stay out!

We'll round things out with the master bedroom...
See? This is definitely a girly snowperson!

Sorry, the cat would NOT get off the bed.
She just always has to be wherever I am.

I went super simple in here...just my sandstone quilt,
a red duvet and the reindeer sheets.
A little greenery to the headboard.
I love the homey-ness of the more muted colors.

Lastly, just the trees in the loft...the elliptical is not particularly
festive or this is the only shot you get up here. :)

I hope you've enjoyed your visit...
please convene in the kitchen for refreshments!

I'll admit...I go a little over the top for Christmas.
But then again, I am the girl who loves

It makes me happy to just lounge on
the couch and look at the lights.

How about you?
Do you go all out with Christmas decorating?
Or do you keep is super simple?

I am almost ready for Christmas day!
I do still have to brave the grocery
store for some dinner goodies.

"Although it's been said many times,
many ways, Merry Christmas to YOU!"

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  1. Your home is absolutely stunning! I just want to cozy up on the couch and take it all in! Your attention to detail makes for such a beautiful setting! Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Nicole

  2. I would like to live in a house like this. A lovely christmas decoration.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

  3. Your home is gorgeous. And your tree light pictures are awesome. Wishing you the best, Darlene

  4. So beautiful - I love the winter colors! You even decorate the master bedroom! You have the spirt for sure
    Merry Christmas

  5. Hi Kelly! You have a beautiful home. It is just so festive. I really cut back this year, but some would still say I'm a little over the top. I've got to say though.............I would like to do some things differently next year. I am all about tradition, but I think I'm getting a little bored with my traditional decorations. I need to jazz things up a bit. You gave me some great ideas here.

  6. You've been featured on Link'n Blogs #6! Thanks for linking up.

    Put A Bird On It

  7. Kelly,

    Just discovering your website and I love the holiday decorations you have up this year! Question- how did you make the garland around your tree? I love it and must absolutely have one like it! Thanks so much and can't wait to read more!

    Amy M.

    1. Hi Amy!
      Thanks for stopping by and making me smile! :)
      The ruffle garland is pretty easy. I thought I had taken a picture when I was making them but I couldn't find it. I just tore strips of onasburg fabric...I think it's about 3 inches or so wide. I sewed them all end to end (with red thread) then ran it through the sewing machine bunching it up as I went to make it ruffly. That's how I make center gathered ruffles anyway. :)
      I have a close up picture of the garland but it looks like you're a "no reply" blogger so I can't email you back.
      The onasburg is kinda ravelly...if that makes sense. I purposefully pulled out a few strings so the edges were fringed...but it sorta does it on its own, too.
      Let me know if you have any questions! and thanks again!

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