Friday, August 30, 2013

Custom Painted Champagne Flutes

Are they flutes?
Or do we just call them toasting glasses?

Whichever...they are now hereby officially dubbed the
dragonfly wedding toasting flutes of Brie and Jeremy.

Brie is the oldest daughter of our dance studio director.
She approached me at her youngest sister's graduation in May
and asked if I would help her out with a problem of sorts.

It seems she and her fiancé found some fabulous flutes at a
thrift store and wanted to use them at the wedding.
As you can see in the picture below,
they had some sort of etching on them...probably some sort of event.

She asked if I could paint over them
with their chosen theme and colors...include the date...
I said SURE!

Their wedding was turquoise, white, and silver.
Very pretty.
And, as you can see...
dragonflies were the main theme.

I used glass paint from Martha Stewart
and another brand, possibly Folk Art.
I can't remember who else usually has it.

I was concerned that you usually have
to bake the glasses to set the paint,
but I discovered that you don't have to anymore.
The bottles say they fully cure on their own in about 3 weeks.

That was a relief since I didn't know how they would hold up.

I also used a black and a white paint pen for the fine lines and writing.

 Since I have trouble drawing symmetrically,
I cut out a template and used it against the
glass so my wings would be even on both sides.

Some turquoise green "reeds" cover up the original etching.
The dragonflies have little silver highlights on their wings.

I've said before I don't consider myself a great painter,
but I am happy with how these turned out.
The bride was thrilled so I was, too.

I was really happy to be able to do this for them...
since her fiancĂ© was involved in an accident about a month before the wedding.
He does HVAC and fell from a ladder, breaking both heels.

Love perseveres...
their wedding venue was able to accommodate the wheelchair
and I believe some absolutely wonderful memories were made that day.

So what do you think of this thrifty endeavor?
For a couple of bucks and some glass paint,
anyone can have custom toasting flutes for their special occasion.

Have a super fun and safe holiday weekend!

Toasting  your happiness here:


  1. Kelly, That is just darling- a really great idea and what a fun idea for a gift, too. xo Diana


  2. You did a fabulous job on those glasses Kelly.. totally unique and perfect for their wedding.. they will be Over the Moon thrilled with them for sure.

  3. Good for them--starting their lives off frugally shopping. And coming to you for making their flutes "theirs". Great job!

  4. Wow, those are really lovely. You are talented! I bet they were thrilled to get them, and they'll have them for years to come. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  5. Cute! I'm sharing this idea with my cousin who has a wedding Favours business over in England and paints glassware. (!favours/c3c1). She'll love this I'm sure!! Great job!

  6. They're beautiful. Great job! Thanks for linking up to The DIY'ers!

  7. So cute! I loved customized gifts at my wedding. These are beautiful!

  8. As an artist myself, I wanted to let you know how absolutely gorgeous these are! My sister is getting married in the Spring, and she's go crazy for a set like these. Well done!
    You linked this up last week at Two Girls and a Party, and I wanted to let you know that that party has expanded now into 6 bloggers co-hosting, so I've been able to feature you this week because it's really a great creative project I think my readers will enjoy seeing.
    Come check it out-
    Have a great week,
    Molly from Just a Little Creativity

  9. A personalized champagne flutes painted with blue and green dragonflies would be a lovely addition to your wedding table. The painted champagne glasses would also make a nice favor for your guests! Personalize your champagne flutes with your name, date, and even a special saying. This information could be painted or engraved.

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