Saturday, January 26, 2013

Be Mine Printable Bunting

Are you bored, listless, lacking motivation?
Do you wander around the house sighing heavily?

Then YOU need.........a vacation that involves palm trees and sunny beaches.

Sorry, I don't have one to offer, but if you find one...I'd be happy to tag along.

I'm not really bored...just experiencing blogger's block.

Ugh...and I've only just begun. :)

Today I offer up...this printable BE MINE banner.

I almost didn't post this.

I thought, what will all those expert printable makers
in the blogosphere think of my creation?

Will it just be a sad attempt at bunting banner glory?

Eh, who cares...fear of failure is the only stumbling block to great success.

That's what I tell myself anyway.

So, for your printing pleasure...a bunting for you.

You can see it in action at a Sweetheart Banquet here.

I used a tiny rectangle punch and strung on ribbon.
I added bits of pink ribbon between the triangles for more frills.

You could use cute baker's twine...add tulle.

Whatever your little heart desires.

This is the first time I've tried to make a link to a download.
It is in Google docs and should be accessed through the above link.
{It looks funny on the screen but it downloads
and prints fine...can anyone explain this to me?}

PLEASE let me know if it doesn't work...
and I will try something else.

I used to think I was tech-savvy until I
started messing around in the blog world. :)

Have a great weekend!

Smooches to all!

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  1. Kelly - That is VERY VERY cute- Where were you yesterday when I was looking for bunting ideas? lol I ended up printing out plain old letters on the computer and cutting them out and pasting them on triangles. I like yours MUCH better- xo Diana

  2. It is lovely!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  3. Super sweet bunting! Looks like a fun project!

  4. Kelly, the banner is so cute. I love that font you used. Thanks for coming over and linking up.

    Denyse @ Crazy Beautiful Life

  5. Love it & thank you!!!!! Stopping by from i should be mopping the floor blog hop. Can't wait for your visit back!

  6. Hahaha...cute, but I so want that vaca with the palm trees and sunny beach! ;-) Thanks so much for dropping by and following...following you back. I'm your 100th(yayyy)!! Hope you can join us next week! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls

  7. So cute! LOVE It! Thanks so much for sharing! Loved having you drop by my blog earlier!

    Jenna @

  8. Kelly thanks for stopping by my site! I loved your banner so much I printed it out and will put it up this weekend on my mantel. I will take a pic and post in my blog I will also link to your site where I got the banner ok :-)

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