Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Photo Blocks

Today we come to you live from
Oklahoma City!

We've taken this family show on the road!

We've seen a LOT of this:

and some more of this:

There's not a whole lot of scenery between Colorado and Oklahoma.
But these girls kept us laughing:

Sara's BFF, Taylor and Sara...
We are here to bring our baby girl to college.  Ah, bittersweet...
The perfect time to talk about these family love blocks I made.

I made these back in February and forgot to post them until I
Hers are next ones will be, too!

So, anyway,
I started with something like these:

Since I did these in February they were kind of Valentine's themed.
I used scrapbook papers in pinks...
printed out some L.O.V.E on pinky backgrounds...

...printed out some pictures measured to the block sides...
Mod Podge is my friend...
That's how all the paper was applied to the blocks.


On these I sponged some black craft paint on the edges for that artsy look...
You can see Taylor sneaking in here along with Ruby.

I would take some other pics of them, but my husband took
them to work to display on his desk.
I think he liked them.

I made another set for Ruby's mom...
this time I used pastel colors and distressing ink
around the edges and sanded lightly.

These are simple to do and make great gifts.
Grandkids, pets, families...

These blocks are only 2 inches across,
you could go smaller, but without the same impact.
3 - 4 inch blocks would be awesome... 

If you make some...I'd like to see them.

Now excuse my while I locate my tissue box.
She's due on campus tomorrow morning...sigh.

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  1. Love this idea! These would be fun to have the kids make for their friends, too. So many possibilities. My oldest is starting HS next week and I know it will be all too soon before I'm tearfully sending her off to college. Best wishes for your daughter on her college adventure. :-)

  2. I love this project Kelly! They are so pretty! My little girl is turning 16 this week and only 2 more years until she goes off to hoo! I am not looking forward to it all, but I know it means we have done our jobs as parents! Hope your week is wonderful! Angie xo

  3. These are so fun! I would love to make these for my husband to keep on his desk with pictures of our girls!

  4. Love these, so nostalgic. Sent the link to my daughter to make some, will be perfect for her kids to interest them in learning their letters. Kids always love seeing themselves in photos. I'll also be making a set for our house, Adding blocks to my shopping list. Pinned.


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