Saturday, June 23, 2012

Perfect Peach Cobbler

Hello, all!
It's been abnormally stinkin' hot here.
Over a hundred a few days...and it
looks like that's going to continue through the week.
So what do I do?
Turn on the oven.

And who can blame me?
A supplier where I work brought a huge case of sweet,
delicious peaches in the other day.

I think I brought home about 8 lbs.
No one seemed interested and I could see
visions of cobbler dance in my head.

I peeled and sliced about 3 cups worth.
I threatened to stab my husband if he didn't stop eating them out of the bowl.

These were pretty sweet, so I just added about 2 tbsp. of sugar and stirred them
around and spread them in the buttered pan.
I may or may not have slurped out the sugary peach juice after I dumped them.
Just sayin'.

The recipe below says to use and 8x8 pan.
As you can see...this is not that pan.
I recently BROKE my 8 inch square stone by dropping a glass spice jar in it.
I almost cried.

Basic ingredients, besides the peaches, of course...
Flour, baking powder, salt, milk, sugar,
butter (which I just noticed is upside down)...AND...

the brown sugar I forgot to stick in the first picture.
You know you wanted to see it.

Mix all the dry ingredients.
Whisk in the milk and melted butter.
Add vanilla if you please...I did...LOVE it!
Pour the batter over the peaches.

Bake at 350° for 50-60 minutes.
It will be bubbly, golden and yummy!


A little while later I found it like this:

My daughter said it was the best peach cobbler she'd ever eaten.
But I don't know how much cobbler she's had the opportunity to taste.

So, if you find yourself with a stack of peaches
and feel the itch to bake something yummy...
here's the recipe!

Perfect Peach Cobbler

Printable Recipe

· ½ cup brown sugar

· ½ cup white sugar, plus 2-4 tbsp.

· 1 cup all-purpose flour

· 2 tsp. baking powder

· ½ tsp. salt

 · 1 stick butter

· 1 cup milk

· 3 cups sliced peaches

· *optional* pure vanilla extract


1. Preheat oven to 350°.

2. Peel and slice peaches. Not too thin or too thick. Depending on sweetness of peaches, stir in 2-4 tbsp. of white sugar.

3. Melt butter in a microwavable dish. Use wrapper to lightly butter an 8x8 baking dish.

4. Stir flour, ½ cup each brown and white sugar, baking powder and salt together in a mixing bowl.

5. Whisk milk into flour mixture. Add melted butter and whisk until blended…careful not to over mix. {*optional* add 1 tsp. pure vanilla}

6. Spread peaches evenly into bottom of baking dish.

7. Pour the batter evenly over the peaches.

8. Bake for 50-60 minutes until golden brown and yummy.

This is easily doubled or one and a halfed...if that's a real term :)


p.s. I'm partying here:


  1. How ironic. We were just at a friends house yesterday and she made a peach cobbler. She called it dump cobbler, it had pecans, yellow cake mix..butter, something else...well OMG it was good. Yours looks fantastic too. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  2. This sounds divine! I'm saving this recipe and trying it with apples this fall. Sounds just delicious! You always have such wonderful projects, ideas, & makeovers on your blog which just makes visiting that much more fun. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can check out all the info on my blog. Congratulations!

  3. YUM!! This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing!:)

  4. Hi Kelly.... oooooohhhhhhhh that sounds yummy. I've only ever had peaches with cottage cheese and this sounds way more delectable. Hugs, Holly @ coconutheadsurvivalguide

  5. will be trying a cobbler soon as I purchased peaches at the local farmer market. Oh so yummy

    come see me at

  6. Great pictures! I love peach cobbler and I live in South Carolina, so there are peaches aplenty!

    Visiting from the BBQ Block Party. =)

  7. You crack me up wanting to stab your husbands hand! That's how its around my house. Fruit will sit there but the minute I start cleaning and putting them in a bowl I have a whole audience swooping in trying to eat them. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing this recipe on our BBQ Block Party.

  8. We love peach cobbler in the fall. Thanks for the great recipe!

  9. I just made a crumble so not to let peach season leave without me participating. This looks wonderful. You made me laugh about the husband. Well I hope it was a joke. :)

  10. YUM, YUM, that sounds delicious! I need to go out and find some fresh peaches now! Thank you for the recipe, I will pin it!


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